Damiano Ferraro and Adriana Baglio, authentic Sicilian hospitality at Montallegro

A shared dream that becomes a life plan

The origins of Capitolo Primo and Relais Briuccia

"One day all this will be ours!" and, with passion and dedication, Damiano and Adriana have turned the dream of two youngsters into a splendid reality.

Born originally in 2009 as a gourmet haute-cuisine restaurant, at Capitolo Primo the chef Damiano Ferraro, thanks to his flair and research, gives life to tasting paths that lead from tradition to modernity, in a food and wine experience steeped in the essence of Sicily. Relais Briuccia, charming boutique hotel at Montallegro, was the aim of this dream that became reality. Authentic Sicilian hospitality, passion and love for his country.

"We like to think that Capitolo Primo and Relais Briuccia are the two halves of a whole, rather like us."

A treasure chest of true family togetherness

To feel at home

The project that gave life to Relais Briuccia and Capitolo Primo transmits the authentic character of a warm and friendly welcome. Once you pass through the doorway of the Pompeian-red palace at Montallegro, a village in the province of Agrigento, you find yourself protagonist of a romantic story as you are gently guided by your hosts.

This is just what those two young people dreamed of years ago, to write chapter after chapter where their personal and professional experience would combine with the happy moments of many guests visiting, and fast becoming friends. This is the real essence of Relais Briuccia: to be a place where time slows down, so you can write a travel diary, where every day Damiano and Adriana offer their guests a new exciting adventure. Adriana, with her natural elegance, can be relied upon to accompany you in this experience by finding the right suite for you, and by finding just the right wine to go with the flavours of each dish prepared by Damiano.

The kingdom of Damiano Ferraro

Capitolo Primo Restaurant

The Capitolo Primo restaurant, to be found in the Relais Briuccia, is Damiano Ferraro's kingdom. Chef and patron, he runs the cooking in his restaurant with flair and professional skill.
As he knows the territory of Montallegro very well, Damiano Ferraro narrates a thrilling Sicily through his dishes, and is full of advice and useful tips for the guests who choose the Relais Briuccia Boutique Hotel as a base for their stay in the province of Agrigento.

Damiano is also the companion in life and work of Adriana Baglio, who with her elegant and refined personality will greet you to Relais Briuccia as an attentive Sicilian hostess. Adriana runs the dining room, furnished with care and originality, and the well-stocked open wine cellar that boasts more than 500 labels. Thanks to Adriana's touch both the restaurant and the boutique hotel at Montallegro will become a place to return to with joy, no longer as guests but as friends.

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A strong couple in life and in work, Damiano and Adriana are the friendly, amiable owners who made a dream come true in the little village of Montallegro.

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