Elegant boutique hotel in a historic building with restaurant at Montallegro

The dream of Damiano and Adriana

A family story

One day all of this will be ours!
... and with passion and dedication, Damiano and Adriana have transformed the dream of two kids into a splendid reality.

Relais Briuccia is the real Sicilian welcome, it is passion and love for one's country. Relais Briuccia is that authentic friendliness that Adriana and Damiano transmit with ease when they welcome us to their home. This is the real essence of Relais Briuccia: a refined boutique hotel, a place where time seems to stand still, where the guests are invited to write a new exciting adventure, a place like a treasure-chest brimming with authentic familiarity.

The aristocratic palace

Relais Briuccia

Palazzo Briuccia is the only aristocratic palace in Montallegro.
The façade of the building, Pompeian red in colour, offsets the stone window frames and the doorway. Relais Briuccia today, a charming boutique hotel with five suites, is characterised by its expressiveness, a sign of the personality of the owners, and the restoration has enhanced its forms, colours and themes. The terrace is the ideal place for a relaxing evening thanks to the mild climate, and in the interior the frescoed salon and the living room with its large fireplace guarantee private nooks inside the building.

The historic old building houses within its walls a real jewel, the kingdom of Damiano Ferraro, his restaurant, Capitolo Primo, situated in the courtyard of the 19th-century palace, transformed into a winter garden. The lovely open wine cellar can be seen from the floor.

Stay in a boutique hotel in Montallegro

The Halls of Relais Briuccia

Relais Briuccia is the result of the careful restoration of an ancient 19th century aristocratic palace whose charm and fascination it retains.
Taste and refinement are the key words. The warm hospitality with an unmistakable Sicilian flair is thanks to Adriana Baglio, the wonderful hostess.

The main rooms, which can be reserved for private events, and the rooms, which are few in number but carefully designed in every detail, are spacious, elegant and well furnished. At Relais Briuccia everything is designed to offer guests an experience of maximum relaxation and comfort. The eclectic atmosphere of the 19th century aristocratic houses ranges from Arabian to Oriental culture. The spaces, which unveil themselves as you pass by, recreate a vaguely retro atmosphere that will make you feel welcome in a warm and familiar environment.

Sala Oro
Sala Oro | Palazzo Briuccia
Sala Oro

A romantic hall with golden yellow walls and precious furnishings. Elegance and magnificence in a place that guarantees privacy and conviviality.

Sala Fiori
Sala Fiori | Palazzo Briuccia
Sala Fiori

A green meadow painted with white and pink flowers, for a refined and relaxing atmosphere. The walls are hand-painted with "trompe l'oeil" effect..

Saletta Orientale
Sala Orientale | Palazzo Briuccia
Saletta Orientale

The exclusive character of the Eastern Room is enhanced by its oriental atmosphere. Perfect as a private retreat for a special event.

Terrace | Palazzo Briuccia

A place for relaxation with an ethereal atmosphere. The veranda floods with light the blue of the walls and the floor.

Giardino d'inverno
Giardino d'Inverno | Palazzo Briuccia
Giardino d'inverno

The Winter Garden, created in the ancient patio of Palazzo Briuccia, is the heart of the Capitolo Primo restaurant, with the ancient water-storage cistern visible through the floor.

Boutique hotel with restaurant at Montallegro

Refined hospitality and local cuisine

Fascinating moments of magic, elegance and finesse are waiting for you in their little kingdom of Montallegro, in the province of Agrigento.
Chef Damiano Ferraro and Adriana Baglio, his partner in business and in life, your perfect hostess, welcome you to Montallegro with warmth and kindness. Discover the local cuisine in the Capitolo Primo restaurant, which is listed in the prestigious Michelin Guide, and enjoy the old-world aristocratic atmosphere of the Relais Briuccia salons.

An unforgettable stay

Packages & Offers

For those who love the most intimate places in Sicily and the refined tastes of the area, Relais Briuccia is the place to be. Discover the special packages and offers that Adriana and Damiano reserve for guests.

We will take you by the hand as we accompany you, through the flavors of the Chapter One restaurant and the sophistication of the Suites, to discover a new journey, always unique.

An unforgettable stay at Montallegro

Relais Briuccia Experiences

For those who love the refined taste of the territory and the most hidden treasures of Sicily, Relais Briuccia is just the right place. Discover the delights you can experience at our boutique hotel and in the surroundings of Montallegro.

Adriana and Damiano will take you by the hand, guiding you through the typical flavours, the centuries-old traditions, the art and nature destinations, to discover a new, always unique journey through the province of Agrigento.

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A strong couple in life and in work, Damiano and Adriana are the friendly, amiable owners who made a dream come true in the little village of Montallegro.

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