WWF Nature Reserve

Torre Salsa

The Torre Salsa Wildlife Reserve extends along a 6 km-stretch of the Mediterranean coast, and is formed of cliffs, dunes and immense deserted beaches. The panoramic terraces formed by the torrents give stunning views over nature.
This is the only reserve to house an oasis belonging to the WWF, the heart of which is a marshy area with an ancient watchtower, the Torre Salsa in fact, immersed in a wild, naturalistic context.
The crystal-clear sea, the dazzling white chalk cliffs, the dark meadows of seagrass, the golden yellow of the beach and the green vegetation give life to a bright, colourful palette

There are many rare and endemic plants; of great interest for birdwatchers is the part known as "Pantano", where numerous species of wildfowl rest and nest. The Torre Salsa coast is often visited by turtles, that return to lay their eggs. Around the Pantano can be found year-round several colonies of birds, such as the bee-eater and the hoopoe, while the little owl and the buzzard are always present, and the short-eared owl on migration.
The second part of the Torre Salsa beach, known as the Funcitella, is often used by nudists. To reach the beach, take the main Sciacca-Agrigento road, at Montallegro is the sign indicating the road for Torre Salsa. From there follow the indications for Torre Salsa Riserva Naturale. The last 2 km of the road is unpaved, and the end of it is an ample car park of beaten earth. This last stretch, (called "pantano", or the swamp) can only be used in the summer months.

The territory Val di Mazara

The other destinations in the surroundings of Relais Briuccia at Montallegro

The Sicilian territory of the Val di Mazara is a breathtaking spectacle both by day and by night: the ancient Phoenician colony of Eraclea Minoa is not to be missed, with traces of the Roman presence on top of the Greek remains (it is only 10 minutes from Relais Briuccia) and Burgio with its Jewish quarter, a town of ceramics and bell foundries.
And for those who love nature and the sea, a few kilometres from Montallegro is the WWF Torre Salsa Wildlife Reserve.

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