On the banks of the River Platani

Nature Trails

IThe River Platani, cradle of the indigenous Sican civilisation, in its way has contributed as a factor of great importance, to the process of diffusion of the human presence in central-southern Sicily.
The river springs from Portella di Mola, in the territory of Castronovo di Sicilia, and follows a winding course of 115 km through the provinces of Palermo, Caltanissetta and Agrigento, before reaching the Mediterranean coast near Eraclea Minoa.
The main characteristics of this river are its salty water and sandy river bed, in fact the Greeks called it Halykos, meaning salty river.

Oriented Nature Reserve

Foce del Platani (Mouth of the River Platani)

The variety of scenic views offered by the river is certainly one of the components of its beauty. The Platani, in fact, still maintains for long stretches the intact nature of a Mediterranean fluvial environment with the typical flora of brackish habitats. The mouth is the only part to be protected, in order to defend many indigenous species of flora and fauna. The river, in fact, represents an ecological corridor for the sojourn and nesting of many bird species, especially during migration. Among the species we find the stone curlew, grey heron, great white heron and the black-win ged stilt. The mouth of the river is situated between the territories of Ribera and Cattolica Eraclea, and issues between the beach of Borgo Bonsignore and the promontory of Capo Bianco.

The reserve is provided with easy trails leading both through the woods, the beach, and the river mouth, to find the most interesting parts of the protected area. The Fuggitella Path goes to the north-west, reaches the beach and then joins the Borgo Path leading to the belvedere on a cliff. The Foce Path leads to the right hand river bank and to the beach, and is one of the best places to watch birds. The Capo Bianco Path departs from the Heraclea Minoa archaeological area and goes round the cape, reaching the beach close to the river mouth.

The Val di Mazara territory

The other destinations in the surroundings of Relais Briuccia at Montallegro

The Sicilian territory of the Val di Mazara is a breathtaking spectacle both by day and by night: the ancient Phoenician colony of Eraclea Minoa is not to be missed, with traces of the Roman presence on top of the Greek remains (it is only 10 minutes from Relais Briuccia) and Burgio with its Jewish quarter, a town of ceramics and bell foundries.
And for those who love nature and the sea, a few kilometres from Montallegro is the WWF Torre Salsa Wildlife Reserve.

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